Share this Amazing Cure For Knee Pain With Joint Pain Sufferrerss

Share this Amazing Cure For Knee Pain With Joint Pain Sufferrerss



This short interview of Norm Johnson shows his miraculous recovery from extreme knee pain where he found it very difficult just to walk and almost impossible to go up and down stairs.  Norm was in so much pain that he was resigned and ready to schedule knee replacement surgery . . . until he joined a clinical trial and received a single injection of a new wonder drug called “Ampion” into each knee.  Within one hour after receiving the injection, his pain was completely gone and he was able to walk pain free.  Six months later and he remains pain free and you can see him climbing up and down a steep ladder.  Mr. Johnson cancelled his plans for knee replacement surgery.


Share this video with those you know who suffer from knee and joint pain or general pain from arthritis and they will be forever grateful to you.


Ampion is an anti-inflammatory that is an amazing treatment for arthritic pain in general and for pain from almost any inflammation.  Because Ampion is a naturally occurring biologic produced by the human body and has no known side effects, FDA approval is expected to be relatively quick


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